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Fried Plantains

banane pezé haitienne

Another must Haitian food: the fried plantain “banan peze”… this dish is so easy and quick to prepare that not to try it at least once in a lifetime is unthinkable… SIMPLE, EASY AND DELICIOUS Another thing I love with the preparation of fried plantain in addition to the fact that it is easy to…

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Haitian marinade (epis)

marinade haitienne - tout trempé

Haitian marinade is one of the worst-kept secrets of the Haitian cuisine. Affectionately called (the all-soaked), the Haitian marinade is not really a secret, because it is found everywhere in the meals from our home Haiti, whether in poultry, beef, fish, or eggs, various types of rice, etc. If you had Haitian food before it…

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légume haitien

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